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9am to 5pm, November 6-7, 2021

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Heather Zwickey, Post-COVID, Microbiome and Autoimmunity

The autoimmunity field has long known that infectious disease can play a role in the development and exacerbation of autoimmune disease. As such, we would expect that a pandemic could be devastating to those with or prone to autoimmunity. In this seminar, we will discuss what we are seeing so far with respect to COVID, Post-COVID and autoimmunity. We will look the impacts of COVID vaccines on autoimmunity. And we will discuss how addressing the microbiome could be pivotal to reducing disease burden.

Heather Zwickey earned a Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbiology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with a focus on infectious disease and vaccine development. Dr. Zwickey went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and teach at Yale University School of Medicine where she worked on immunotherapy for cancer. Dr. Zwickey launched the Helfgott Research Institute and established the School of Graduate Studies at the National University of Natural Medicine. She currently co-leads an NIH funded clinical research training program focused on training the next generation of integrative medicine researchers. She’s won many awards for teaching and loves to share her knowledge at conferences. Dr. Zwickey currently serves as the Director of Communication and Innovation at Thaena Inc., a microbiome-focused company.

Mickey Trescott, FNTP: Research Update: Efficacy of the Autoimmune Protocol for IBD & Hashimoto’s Disease

Mickey Trescott, FNTP prides herself in finding creative solutions to preparing, cooking, and succeeding on allergen-free diets. She is the author of the best-selling guide to the Autoimmune Protocol, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook. With her partner Angie Alt, she co-authored The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook, an award-winning, whole lifestyle approach to healing with autoimmune disease. Her newest release, The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen focuses on nutrient density, an often-overlooked aspect to deep healing with food.

In 2012, Mickey founded, an award-winning website that serves millions of readers annually with recipes and resources for living well with autoimmune disease and chronic illness. With Angie Alt FNTP, CHC, and Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, she is the co-creator and co-teacher of AIP Certified Coach, an advanced training for wellness practitioners all across the natural and conventional healthcare spectrum.

Angie Alt NTP, CHC: Research Update: Efficacy of the Autoimmune Protocol for IBD & Hashimoto’s Disease

Angie Alt, NTP, CHC is the creator and director of SAD to AIP in SIX, SAS Phase 2, and The Living Well Collective, a series of online group health coaching programs helping thousands of people transition their diets and lifestyle to the Autoimmune Protocol. She is also author and co-author of the award-winning books The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook and The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook. Angie partners with doctors to conduct medical research. In 2017 results were published from her first study showing the efficacy of AIP for inflammatory bowel diseases and further studies targeting autoimmune thyroid disease, psoriasis, and eczema have since been conducted. Additionally, Angie consults with startup companies working to address autoimmune healthcare challenges. In 2015, Angie partnered with Mickey Trescott, FNTP at, an award-winning website serving millions annually with resources for living well with autoimmune disease. Along with Mickey Trescott and Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, Angie is also the co-creator and co-teacher of AIP Certified Coach, an advanced training for wellness practitioners from across the healthcare spectrum.

Natalie Gustafson, PharmD: Compounding for Autoimmune Disorders: LDN, Topicals and More

Natalie Gustafson, PharmD, specializes in a holistic approach to medicine, with a focus on how compounded medications can help accomplish this goal. She's been published in NDNR where she discussed optimal thyroid management, and has been an invited speaker for the Integrative Dermatology Symposium, National University of Natural Medicine, the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Central Oregon Health Council, Hawaii Doc Talks, the British Columbia Naturopathic Association and Institute of Women’s Health & Integrative Medicine to name a few. During the day, she can be found practicing as a compounding pharmacist and ensuring compliance and quality, where she is the owner and Director of Pharmacy at Lloyd Central Compounding Pharmacy. In her downtime she enjoys practicing yoga, puzzling and taking pictures of her three cats.

Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP, VNMI - "Case studies in Grave's Hashimoto's and Other Thyroid Issues: Refreshing Our Understanding of Lab Testing, Iodine and Other Relevant Issues"

This is an updated look at the thyroid gland and its hormones featuring case studies to examine its impact on all cells in the body. Because it becomes imbalanced very frequently,

understanding how it functions, the labs related to it, etiological factors for imbalances, and how to treat it is vital to all naturopathic physicians. In this lecture, Dr. Morstein will discuss the thyroid in depth, including treating hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease). Medication updates for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism will be addressed.

Dr. Mona Morstein has been a naturopathic physician for thirty-two years. She was Chair of Nutrition, Gastroenterology professor and Clinical Supervisor at a naturopathic medical school for eleven years. She has her own clinic, Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, in Tempe, AZ.

Dr. Morstein is recognized as an expert on diabetes. Her 560 page book “Master Your Diabetes: A Comprehensive, Integrative Approach to Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes,” is an in-depth, evidenced based, educational book for both patients and physicians. She sees patients for all other hormonal conditions: thyroid, adrenal, menses, menopause, male concerns. Dr. Morstein also has a busy gastrointestinal and auto-immune conditions focused medical practice, seeing all conditions related to those complex systems

Ilena Gurevich, ND, LAc - "Case Study Deep Dive into IBD and Autoimmune Disorders"

Dr. Gurevich is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist who graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2007 with her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and in 2008 with her masters of oriental medicine. She is currently practicing in Portland Oregon. She runs a very busy gastroenterology focused private practice specializing in treating inflammatory bowel disease as well as IBS, SIBO and other functional GI disorders.

She lectures extensively and teaches about both conventional and natural treatments for gastrointestinal conditions. She is one of the foremost experts on the intersection of IBD and IBS and how treating one resolves the other. Dr. Gurevich also acts as a mentor in the naturopathic and functional medicine community educating and consulting with physicians about GI disorders. She supervises residents and consults with doctors about their most difficult GI cases. Dr. Gurevich was nominated as one of Portland Top Docs by the Portland Monthly in 2014, 2016 and 2020 and 2021.

Lisa Shaver, ND, LAc : Celiac Disease - Research Update for a Underdiagnosed Condition

Lisa Shaver, ND, LAc has a passionate interest in digestive disorders with expertise in celiac disease and non-celiac wheat sensitivity and SIBO/IMO/IBS. Other interests include hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions and neurotransmitter deficiencies. Since 2012 Dr. Shaver co-teaches NUNM’s Advanced Gastro course’s celiac disease/NCGS modules and teaches Gastroenterology at OCOM to the DAOM doctoral students. Dr. Shaver lectures at the AANP, SIBO Conferences, NUNM, AZNMA, amid other events. She has been the Gluten Intolerance Group of Portland branch manager since 2008. She is in private practice in Portland, OR.

Jennifer Tufenkian, ND: "Uprooting CFS/ME: Clinical Pearls and the Role of AI"

Chronic Fatigue is a devastating illness with no known etiology, let alone effective strategy for healing. With the increase of CFS/ME symptoms in 'Long-Covid' patients, it has become even more crucial to develop effective strategies to assess and treat our patients who struggle with fatigue. We will discuss the 5 root causes of CFS/ME, a clinical algorithm to assess which root cause is most prominent for your patient and the role of AI and how it affects your patients healing.

Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is a functional medicine physician and educator with a BA from The Evergreen State College and an ND from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. As a practicing Naturopath with her own clinics for over 20 years, she has focused on complex and often amorphous chronic health concerns including anxiety, fatigue and auto-immune conditions addressing mind and body. In her search to treat her own debilitating CFS Dr. Jenny Tufenkian ND uncovered a unique strategy to assist clinicians to discover the root cause of CFS/ME and treat it effectively. She has developed an online education company, Core Vitality LLC where she offers training and programs for patients and practitioners.

Alena Guggenheims, ND, “A New Look at Fibromyalgia: Emerging Theories of Autoimmunity “

Alena Guggenheim, ND is a Naturopathic Physician with a passion for helping patients that don’t fit neatly in the medical box. Medicine is in her genes as a 4th generation physician, but she brings a new approach in which seemingly unrelated symptoms are approached within the context of the whole person. Alena Guggenheim attended Reed College in Portland, OR and graduated with a BA in Biology in 2001 and graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2007. She completed a residency through NUNM 2 years later. In 2011 she began teaching in the Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research (MSiMR) and Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine programs at NUNM. She has taught Clinical Physical Diagnosis, Rheumatology, Microbiology and an Integrative Modalities course. She also served as a thesis mentor for students completing the MSiMR program. In 2015 she started working for a technology driven health care system working with a collaborative multidisciplinary team. Dr. Guggenheim became the go-to provider when patients had complex symptoms in many systems and started to notice that many patients had undiagnosed hypermobile connective tissue diseases. Helping understand and treat these diseases has become her passion. In 2018, she started seeing patients at the Oregon Health Sciences University Comprehensive Pain Clinic with an emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and related syndromes.

Announcing our full speaker line up!
Heather Zwickey, PhD “Post-COVID, Microbiome and Autoimmunity”
Natalie Gustafson, PharmD “Compounding for Autoimmune Disorders: LDN, Topicals and More”
Lisa Shaver, ND, LAc, “Celiac Disease - Research Update for an Underdiagnosed Condition”
Mickey Trescott, FNTP and Angie Alt, NTP, CHC “Research Update: Efficacy of the Autoimmune Protocol for IBD & Hashimoto’s Disease"
Alena Guggenheims, ND, “A New Look at Fibromyalgia: Emerging Theories of Autoimmunity“
Mona Morstein, ND: Case studies in Grave's Hashimoto's and Other Thyroid Issues: Refreshing Our Understanding of Lab Testing, Iodine and Other Relevant Issues"
Jennifer Tufenkian, ND: "Uprooting CFS/ME: Clinical Pearls and the Role of AI"
llana Gurevich, ND, LAc: “Case Study Deep Dive into IBD and Autoimmune Disorders”


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